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LIEBENSTEIN LAW is a highly specialized law firm in the field of digital law in Frankfurt am Main. We advise in very current subject areas: IT Law, Law of Digitalization, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, E-Health, Data Protection Law, Software Contract Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Licensing Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Rights.

In addition to high professional quality and specialized knowledge, we offer many years of experience in the industry to successfully advise on legal questions and problems. Our goal is to support clients in a future-oriented, multidisciplinary and at the same time enjoy our work in overcoming the legal challenges that lie ahead.



Digitalization, IT Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law


Legal Trainee Lawyer


Digitization, IT Law, E-Health

Digitalisierung, IT-Recht, Gesellschaftsrecht, Wettbewerbsrecht

Rechtsanwältin / Rechtsanwalt

Your tasks

  • Legal advice on business law, data protection law, IT law, trademark law, law of digitalization
  • Sophisticated advice to clients
  • Perception of foreign appointments
  • Creation of complex contracts, written submissions and technical contributions
  • Advice on the design of classic and modern IT business models

Your profile

  • Completed law studies
  • Presentable exam results
  • Experience in IT law, law of digitalization
  • Knowledge of company law
  • Interest in topics and challenges of digitalization
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Communication skills

Rechtsreferendarin / Rechtsreferendar

Rechtsanwaltsstation / Wahlstation

Your tasks

  • Direct involvement in mandate work
  • Direct client contact
  • Consulting in innovative industries
  • Personal-influenced working environment
  • Elaboration of pleadings and contracts
  • Exceptional mandates of different sizes
  • Scientific activities, meetings and conferences

Your profile

  • Pleasure and understanding of current digital legal areas
  • Knowledge of these areas of law
  • First state examination in law with satisfactory result
  • Good knowledge of general civil and procedural law
  • Self-responsible and goal-oriented way of working
  • High self-motivation, joy in independent work
  • Impeccable writing style and expression, good knowledge of English
  • Good knowledge of MS Office (e.g. PowerPoint, Word)
  • Interest in a station activity lasting several months, preferably at least. 6 months

Digitalisierung, IT-Recht, E-Health (TZ/VZ)

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Your tasks

  • Fact-processing, research, literature search
  • Preparation of pleadings
  • Preparation and preparation of scientific technical contributions
  • Corrections of exams and housework
  • Support in the support of clients

Your profile

  • Student Law, Business Law, Licensing Law
  • Good knowledge of English
  • In-depth knowledge of business law
  • Safe expression in word and writing
  • Good understanding