Around one in five Germans aged 14 and over (18 percent) definitely want to use a smartwatch in the future, and around a quarter (28 percent) can at least imagine it.

The range of actions in medical care and healthcare is expanded by mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, apps and wearables. The shift to digital healthcare brings with it many questions and challenges.

These will be discussed at the 3rd Mobile Health Forum on 31.08.2016 in Frankfurt am Main. On the topic of digital security & data protection, Prof. Dirksen will give a lecture: „Damokles and its privacy sword – this will not be the case with mobile health!“.

The future of medicine lies in digitalization, the application of new mobile information technologies and telemedicine. This will raise the patient’s right to self-determination to a completely different level and completely change the doctor-patient relationship.

Whoever controls the process dominates the future. Mobile health, software, digitalization are a means to an end, so that the doctor can work even more effectively for the benefit of the human being and at the same time work more economically. Whether e-health becomes a success story in Germany does not depend on patients.

In the long term, policymakers need to deal with the pioneering technology in order to break the old structures in the health sector. Practices, hospitals must be entrusted and equipped with the new techniques.

„To managers and employees from the health sector who want to get to know the risks of developments through digitalization in the healthcare sector and who want to take advantage of the opportunities.“

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August 31st, 2016


Cape Europe, Frankfurt


Damocles and its privacy sword – this is not going to happen to mobile health!


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