The focus is on legal issues in the cleanroom. The cleanroom has become increasingly intelligent and reacts autonomously. Professor Dirksen will speak on the topic :Industry 4.0: Intelligent Cleanroom – Intelligent Liability at this year’s CleanZone in Frankfurt on 8/11/2016. Who is liable for errors and failures?

The presentation will show that liability risks in closed user systems must be regulated above all by contractually agreed conditions of participation of the operators in order to limit the liability framework.

Prof. Dirksen explains: „With a digitalization strategy, a company can meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. This will ensure the objective of protecting legal assets.“

„In order to protect property and exclude liability, legal issues must be regulated as safely and sensibly as possible,“ continues Prof. Dirksen, „because there is no right to machine data and no regulations on autonomous systems.“ It links this thought construct with the protection of know-how, the licensing of data as an economic asset, and the regulation of collaborations of results resulting from automated processes.

„To executives and employees from the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industries who want to have more sovereignty over data and contracts issues and want to minimize liability risks“

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Pharmaceutical industry, cleanroom, cleanrooms, Industry 4.0, Liability, errors in failures, Liability risks, Terms and Conditions of Participation, Liability Framework, Digitization Strategy, Protection of Legal Assets, Protect Property, Right to Machine Data, Know-how, Licensing of Data


08 November 2016


Cleanzone, Messe Frankfurt


Industry 4.0: Intelligent Cleanroom – Intelligent Liability?


Messe Frankfurt